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10:00 am Rethinking CO2: how can we put i... @ The Ideas Space, Policy Exchange
Rethinking CO2: how can we put i... @ The Ideas Space, Policy Exchange
Jun 7 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming and associated climate change. Technologies to capture CO2 emissions from power stations and industry are therefore seen as essential to achieving UK and global decarbonisation objectives.[...]
9:00 am CO2 Utilisation: Catalyst for th... @ Square – Brussels Meeting Centre
CO2 Utilisation: Catalyst for th... @ Square – Brussels Meeting Centre
Jun 29 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Registration to the final SCOT conference is now open! The conference will be a major milestone of the SCOT project. The SCOT team will first present its Vision together with state of the art CO2[...]
all-day ICCDU 2016 @ The University of Sheffield
ICCDU 2016 @ The University of Sheffield
Sep 11 – Sep 15 all-day
The 14th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization will be held at the University of Sheffield, UK from the 11th -15th September 2016. The ICCDU XIV will be run in association with the CO2Forum. Abstract[...]
all-day 5th Conference on Carbon Dioxide... @ Maternushaus, Cologne (Germany)
5th Conference on Carbon Dioxide... @ Maternushaus, Cologne (Germany)
Dec 6 – Dec 7 all-day
Over the last few years, the rise of carbon dioxide utilization has developed to become more and more dynamic. Especially in the area of fuels several players are very active and different technologies to generate[...]

Welcome to CO2Chem

CO2Chem brings together academics, industrialists and policy makers over a wide range of disciplines to consider the utilisation of carbon dioxide as a single carbon chemical feedstock for the production of value added products.

Network activities are geared towards the founding of strong cross-disciplinary research clusters that will lead research in this increasingly important area.

Our primary objective is to develop science and engineering strategies to tackle CO2 capture and re-use over a 20-40 year time frame and to identify funding streams to address their implementation. We aim to ease our reliance as a society on petrochemical based feedstocks for the production of commodity chemicals, taking a more environmentally sound approach to chemicals production.

utilization cycleThe CO2Chem Network was formed as a result of the EPSRC Grand Challenges and has created a research community that considers new approaches to chemical synthesis, from laboratory to production, using carbon dioxide as the chemical feedstock. Carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) is a quickly growing, wide field of research with a diverse array of possible products. Therefore, the CO2Chem network aims to be an all-encompassing, non-prescriptive network covering the entire breadth of the CDU landscape.

CO2Chem is continuously growing and currently has over 800 global members from 294 different organisations. Membership is divided beween industry, academia, research institutions and government. With over 38% of our members working in industry.

If you would like to become part of the network please visit the Contacts page.

If you would like to know more about CDU, read our report on Carbon Capture and Utilisation in the green economy

Uses of CO2

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