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Events and meetings organised by or partnering with CO2Chem on carbon dioxide utilisation.

7th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers @ Maternushaus
Mar 20 – Mar 21 all-day

The  nova-Institute is organizing the 7thConference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers. The conference is aimed at providing international major players from the field of sustainable fuels, chemicals and polymers from CO2 with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies. The participants include interested experts from industry, associations, policy and civil society who wish to get a full picture of how this new and exciting scenario is unfolding. The conference provides an opportunity to meet the right partners for future alliances.

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CO2 Reuse Summit 2019 @ Berlin
May 8 – May 9 all-day

CO2 Reuse Summit

The CO2 Reuse Summit, taking place on  8-9 May 2019 in Berlin, will bring together major stakeholders from the industry to highlight latest developments related to carbon utilization.

The programme will address challenges and opportunities when it comes to technology, economics and policy. The organisers invite you to join your peers for 2 days of interactive presentations, case studies and networking sessions and to get involved in building a decarbonized society.

CO2Chem Members qualify for a 15% discount (email for the discount code)

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Catalysis: from understanding to applications
Jun 18 – Jun 21 all-day

The 1st Summer School “Catalysis: from understanding to applications” integrating heterogeneous, homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis, will be held in Albi (South West France). The School presents modern approaches to understand the mechanism of homogeneous, heterogeneous and enzymatic catalytic reactions, with a focus on the activation of small molecules. A foundation for those seeking to develop new catalytic systems for sustainable chemistry. The event particularly suits PhD students, Post-docs and Master students. It may also be of interest to academic and industrial engineers and researchers. Registration is open until April 30, 2019

ICCDU 2019 @ Aachen, Germany
Jun 23 – Jun 27 all-day

The 17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU XVII)

Join the conference in Aachen, Germany, from 23rd to 27th June 2019 and learn more about carbon dioxide utilization from the perspective of industry, science and policy!

The International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization organized since 1991 in different parts of the globe. Since 2015, the event occurs annually. ICCDU is the most famous academic conference on carbon dioxide capture, utilization and strategy related aspects.

The goal of the conference is to highlight research projects on Carbon Dioxide Utilization in all levels of maturity!

The spectrum of research done in the field ranges from fundamental to applied science. Present your work on CO2 utilization at ICCDU 2019 and discuss your results with an interdisciplinary network of experts. Furthermore, the CO2 utilization roll-out has begun – first applications are and about to enter the market. Meet the industry and get in touch with the forefront of successful companies.

The following key topics of the conference are open for abstract submission:

  • CO2-capture & separation
  • CO2-reforming
  • CO2 to carbonates
  • CO2 as Working Agent
  • CO2 to chemicals
  • CO2 conversion to polymers
  • CO2 activation
  • Biotechnological CO2 conversion
  • Electro- and photo-catalysis  
  • Applications of plasma technologies for CO2 conversion
  • Power to X
  • Public acceptance
  • Policy aspects

The abstract submission will be from 1st November 2018 – 31st January 2019.

As in previous years, CO2Chem will have travel bursaries available for those giving presentations at the ICCDU 2019 from UK universities. Details of the travel bursary scheme will be announced in early 2019. All bursaries are subject to an accepted abstract at the conference.

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The CO2Chem Events Week @ The Diamond, Sheffield University
Sep 2 – Sep 6 all-day

The CO2Chem Events Week takes place from 2nd to 6th September 2019 and comprises:

  • Summer School (Mon-Wed)
  • Workshop (Thu)
  • Network Reception and Annual Dinner (Thu Eve)
  • Status Conference (Fri)

All events take place at Sheffield University. You may attend any combination.

Early Bird registration runs March to May. Standard registration runs June to August.

Grant support, as an EPSRC Grand Challenge Network, enables us to set fees well below cost.

Please see the events week web page for full details and registration

4th EuCheMS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry @ Tarragona, Spain
Sep 22 – Sep 25 all-day

This conference continues the successful meetings held in Budapest (2013), Lisbon (2015) and York (2017) and offers opportunities to discuss the latest developments in green & sustainable chemistry, creation of new partnerships and amplifying existing networks between academia and industry.

The leading topics of this conference will focus on green/bio-polymers, photochemistry & catalysis, electrochemistry & catalysis, carbon dioxide valorization and biomass conversions. These topics continue to challenge the chemical community as a whole but also offer new opportunities for chemistry to alleviate the negative effects of conventional chemical production transitioning toward more sustainable technologies.

During the EUGSC-4, there will be a joint session co-organized by the Division of Chemistry and the Environment (DCE) that will focus on water treatment.

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