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Events and meetings organised by or partnering with CO2Chem on carbon dioxide utilisation.

Sustainability Metrics – Tracking, Measuring and Reporting Responsible Innovation
Sep 11 all-day

Measure and monitor your supply chain’s performance with appropriate and easy-to-use sustainability metrics.

Existing industrial sustainability metrics primarily focus on the chemical process, although the need to consider the performance of a “bigger picture” is prevalent and growing. This workshop is dedicated to demonstrating current trends and practices in applying qualitative and quantitative sustainability evaluation practices, through use of LCA and other industrial bestprocedures.

Wednesday 11th September 2019, 9.30am—4pm Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, Department of Chemistry, University of York

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The event forms part of the STAR-ProBio project.


4th EuCheMS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry @ Tarragona, Spain
Sep 22 – Sep 25 all-day

This conference continues the successful meetings held in Budapest (2013), Lisbon (2015) and York (2017) and offers opportunities to discuss the latest developments in green & sustainable chemistry, creation of new partnerships and amplifying existing networks between academia and industry.

The leading topics of this conference will focus on green/bio-polymers, photochemistry & catalysis, electrochemistry & catalysis, carbon dioxide valorization and biomass conversions. These topics continue to challenge the chemical community as a whole but also offer new opportunities for chemistry to alleviate the negative effects of conventional chemical production transitioning toward more sustainable technologies.

During the EUGSC-4, there will be a joint session co-organized by the Division of Chemistry and the Environment (DCE) that will focus on water treatment.

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