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Call for tender for EU CO2 utilisation pathways

NL-Petten:Technoeconomic assessment of European CO2 utilisation (CCU) pathways: operational, environmental and cost performance – market opportunities

Closing date: 24th September

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The goal of the study is to perform an in-depth techno-economic analysis, using process flow modelling, of promising technological options for CO2 utilisation in the EU. The study will focus only on the following 5 CO2 utilisation pathways: renewable methanol production, mineralisation, polymers production, urea production and formic acid production.

To do so, the contractor will have to perform 2 main tasks:

1. model the abovementioned 5 CO2 reuse options. This activity includes simulations using process flow modelling (which may include calibration and validation) for each technology. In addition, the modelling has to be followed by an analysis of the operational, cost and environmental performance (i.e. specific gaseous emissions) and an assessment of bottlenecks for technology scale-up;

2. analyse current prices and demand for CCU products, their evolution in the future and their corresponding price elasticity. Assess production costs from conventional processes and their carbon dioxide emissions and fuel input. Analyse current and future market for these products, and assess the impact of CCU deployment on the EU energy system and the corresponding product market.