The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


Joint Research Center – Research position Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU)

The Energy Systems Evaluation Unit of the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) published a vacancy for a post-doctoral research position. The aim of the proposed project is to assess the operational and economic performance of decarbonising advanced fossil fuel power generation technologies, in particular of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) pathways. The successful candidate will be responsible for analysing the state of the art and the development trends in the fossil fuel power sector, maintain a reference database on technology performance, assess technological bottlenecks to the large scale deployment of carbon capture technologies in the power sector and the heavy industry, and evaluate the energy and CO2 balance and the cost effectiveness of various CO2 capture and re-use options. Furthermore, s/he will study the impact of power plant operational flexibility on performance through modelling.


The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. or a minimum of 5 years of research experience after the first degree giving access to doctoral studies. More details about the job description and requirements can be found at or The job reference is: 2013-PTT-F-30-000-1293: Assessment of advanced fossil fuel power generation technologies focusing on carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) (Petten, NL).The deadline for applications is Sunday, the 17th of March 2013, before midnight.