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New funding for CCUS – ACT 2nd Call

The second ACT Call was published on 4 June 2018. ACT is an international initiative to establish CO2 capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) as a tool to combat global warming. The call is a great opportunity for anyone who has a unique idea for developing CCUS technology.

ACT means Accelerating CCUS Technologies, and the ambition of the 13 partners is to fund research and innovation projects that can lead to safe and cost effective technology.

The first ACT Call for project proposals was published in 2016 and resulted in eight new projects that were started autumn 2017.

The second ACT Call was published 4 June 2018. The budget for the call is up to € 30 M and the due date for applications is 12 September 2018. The call focuses on the priority research directions identified by the Mission Innovation (MI) CCUS Challenge Workshop that was held in Houston in September 2017. The full recently published MI report can be found here.

Katy Armstrong from CO2Chem was one of the invited experts at the MI workshop. She said

“It is fantastic to see this call announced to coincide with the release of the Mission Innovation CCUS report. The call will enable funds to be directed towards the priority research directions that were identified in Houston and therefore accelerating CCUS research.”

Visit the ACT website for more details. The full Call text is available from this PDF file.


CO2Chem Seedcorn Grants 2016

Apply now for CO2Chem Seedcorn Funding if you are based in the UK

CO2Chem Seedcorn grants give funding for pump-priming investigations which will lead to a grant proposal and ideally a research paper. All applications should demonstrate a clear pathway for this to be achieved. Grants must be led by a UK University but collaboration with industry is encouraged.

The maximum grant  size is £8000. The funding comes directly from CO2Chem. Funding can be spent on salaries and equipment/resources costs. For 2016/2017 we have seven grants of up to £8000 available for work to be done between Oct 2016- April 2017.

The application process is simple, download the Seedcorn application 2016 and return it by 31st August 2016. You may attach additional information as needed. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by the end of September.

More details about the grant and the assessment criteria can be found on the application form. Please contact with any questions

New Funding for UK Carbon Capture and Storage and Utilisation Innovation

On 27 November 2014, DECC is making available additional funding for CCS research, development and innovation. This is part of DECC’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) Phase 4 Competition with £5M for projects in Financial Year 2015/16, with up to £2.5M prioritised for CCS and related projects. Read the announcement here and details of this funding opportunity here.

We will hold a workshop to outline how the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund Phase 4 Competition works and give potential CCS applicants the opportunity to network with others. The workshop will focus on the CCS element of the competition. Priority will be given to industry applicants whose projects are in CCS and related technologies.

To register for this event, please email:

Register now for EPSRC Energy Resilient Manufacturing Call – short deadline!

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council would like to invite applicants to participate in a funding initiative to explore the potential of Energy Resilient Manufacturing. The concept of Energy Resilient Manufacturing is to reduce, through systems, strategies and technology, the exposure of the manufacturing industry to risks in the future supply of energy, either by:

  • Reducing the need for energy as an input to the manufacturing process, or
  • Increasing the resilience of manufacturing to uncertainty in energy supply. There will be up to £3 million available for this call to fund a number of small, feasibility-style projects (up to £300K and 18-months duration) that help develop innovative, exciting ideas on energy usage in manufacturing..

Given the speculative nature of the opportunity, the peer review process will consist of two separate interview stages; the first stage being a ‘concept audition’ and the second stage resembling a Big-Pitch style of extended panel interview. Applicants should register their intent to participate in the first stage by completing the registration form by 16:00 on 4 April 2014.

Please note that applicants are limited to one audition per person. Further applications will be rejected.

Please note that there are a limited number of spaces for each of these auditions. Whilst we will attempt to enable all potential applicants to attend the audition day and location of choice, if demand is significant we may need to refer to the applicant’s reserve choice or operate on a first-come, first served basis.

More details at

New CO2Chem Seedcorn Grants 2014

Applications are now open for CO2Chem Seedcorn funding 2014. This is the second funding round for CO2Chem Seedcorn grants. CO2Chem Seedcorn grants give funding for pump-priming, initial investigations. The maximum grant  size is £4000. The funding comes directly from CO2Chem.

The following criteria apply to the grants:
•    Must lead to a future grant proposal
•    Needs to be collaborative, led by an UK academic institution and should aim to include at least one industrial partner
•    The grant must be spent in the year it is awarded
•    A final report will be required once the grant is finished. An executive summary from this report will be published on the CO2Chem website.

For more information visit Seedcorn Grants

Call for Mentored Region for FP7 CO2 Utilisation project – SCOT

Call for project partners (EU FP7) – CO2 recycling

Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT) is a project supported by the Seventh Framework programme of the European Community (FP7) to develop Strategic European Research Agenda aimed at improving the technical and economic performance of emerging CO2 transformation technologies.

It was launched in October 2013 by four partner regions (FR, NL, BE, UK) and it now requires the participation of an additional partner (regional authority or organization supported by one) to carry out certain tasks within the project.

Please see CALL_Partner_search_FP7_RoK_Call_FINAL

The closing date for applications is 3rd January 2014

Call for tender for EU CO2 utilisation pathways

NL-Petten:Technoeconomic assessment of European CO2 utilisation (CCU) pathways: operational, environmental and cost performance – market opportunities

Closing date: 24th September

More info:


The goal of the study is to perform an in-depth techno-economic analysis, using process flow modelling, of promising technological options for CO2 utilisation in the EU. The study will focus only on the following 5 CO2 utilisation pathways: renewable methanol production, mineralisation, polymers production, urea production and formic acid production.

To do so, the contractor will have to perform 2 main tasks:

1. model the abovementioned 5 CO2 reuse options. This activity includes simulations using process flow modelling (which may include calibration and validation) for each technology. In addition, the modelling has to be followed by an analysis of the operational, cost and environmental performance (i.e. specific gaseous emissions) and an assessment of bottlenecks for technology scale-up;

2. analyse current prices and demand for CCU products, their evolution in the future and their corresponding price elasticity. Assess production costs from conventional processes and their carbon dioxide emissions and fuel input. Analyse current and future market for these products, and assess the impact of CCU deployment on the EU energy system and the corresponding product market.



Grand Challenge to Produce valuable carbon-based products from CO2 – $35 Million competition

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses- This Grand Challenge is a global quest to turn carbon emissions into a valuable resource. The Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation ( is reaching out to the world for bold ideas that will make significant and verifiable GHG reductions in our environment through the development of new technologies that use captured carbon to make it an enabling starting material instead of a waste stream.

This CAD$35 million multi-stage Challenge offers three rounds of funding over a five-year period and seeks a net reduction of GHGs of at least 1 megatonne. The first round is open to anyone with ideas or technologies that meet the Grand Challenge criteria, and the submission deadline for brief non-confidential proposals for the first round is July 15, 2013.

Visit us at to learn more, follow the Challenge to receive updates, and submit proposals.

CO2Chem secures continuation funding

Great news! CO2Chem has secured funding from the EPRSC for up to another five years dependent on a review after two years. This means that we will be continuing to network bringing people interested in CCU research together. We are planning many new activities for the next phase of the network including conference bursaries, summer studentships, resource databases, research clusters gatherings and events. More details to follow soon…

TSB Carbon Abatement Technologies Competition now open

Technology Strategy Board’s £4.5m Competition for Carbon Abatement Technologies is now open

The competition is addressing innovative solutions for the reduction of CO2 from large single point emitters, such as power stations and process industries.

There are 2 strands to the competition:

Strand 1  (£4m allocated) for Collaborative R&D projects with an element of demonstration

Strand 2 (£0.5m allocated) for feasibility studies

To download all the relevant documents and register for the competition please visit the following sites

Strand 1 (Collaborative R&D)

Strand 2 (Feasibility)

If CO2Chem can be any help in writing your application please get in touch with Katy.