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all-day Brazilian Congress on CO2 @ Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian Congress on CO2 @ Rio de Janeiro
Apr 28 – Apr 29 all-day
This is the 3rd Edition of the Brazilian Congress on CO2, which brings together the academic community and the industry of petroleum, gas and biofuels. The event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, April[...]
all-day The Science behind CO2 Capture a... @ Varadero
The Science behind CO2 Capture a... @ Varadero
Jun 24 – Jun 28 all-day
Due to the increasing dependence on fossil fuels to meet our energy needs during the last few decades, the release of the greenhouse gas CO2 has increased exponentially. In 2013 36 gigatonnes (GtCO2) were released[...]
all-day ICCDU 2015 : Singapore
ICCDU 2015 : Singapore
Jul 5 – Jul 9 all-day
The International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU), which began in 1991 in Nagoya, Japan, has since been held in countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. The biennial conference provides a multi-disciplinary forum on[...]
all-day Solid Oxide Electrolysis: Fuels ... @ University of York
Solid Oxide Electrolysis: Fuels ... @ University of York
Jul 13 – Jul 15 all-day
Introduction There is great interest in converting electricity overcapacity, e.g. from renewables, to fuels such as hydrogen and synthetic gasoline or for the conversion of nitrogen to ammonia. Solid Oxide Electrolysis offers a high efficiency[...]
all-day Carbon Dioxide Utilisation: Fara... @ University of Sheffield, The Edge
Carbon Dioxide Utilisation: Fara... @ University of Sheffield, The Edge
Sep 7 – Sep 9 all-day
Introduction Carbon dioxide utilisation processes convert CO2 into commercially viable products such as chemicals, polymers, building materials and fuels. Carbon dioxide utilisation is an emerging technology which can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas[...]

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CO2Chemistry <=> CO2ChemEng, April 2012

Tuesday 3rd April – Wednesday 4th April 2012
University of Sheffield, UK

The network gathered for in Sheffield to bring together the latest CO2 utilisation research from across the UK and world.

The second CO2Chem conference was held in Sheffield in April 2012. CO2Chemistry <=> CO2ChemEng, gathered 70 network members from across the world to discuss the latest developments in carbon dioxide utilisation.

Held in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield, the event was a mixture of plenary sessions and discussions with of course plenty of time for networking.

The event was opened by Peter Styring and Mike North the network chairs, who gave an overview of current CCU processes & catalysis and developments in the CO2Chem network. After lunch a networking session took place to allow delegates meet new faces. We then gathered for short flash presentations from members of the network on their current research and a keynote presentation by Phillip Jessop of Queens University, Canada on ‘CO2 as a Trigger for Switchable Materials’. Dr Jessop’s presentation highlighted his innovative research in using CO2 to switch properties of a solvent on and off and included examples of the uses of CO2 as a switch in oil spill recovery.


During the second day of the event, keynotes were given by Mogens Mogensen, Technical University of Denmark on ‘Electrolysis and recycling of CO2 into CO2-neutral fuels’ and by Martina Peters, Bayer, Germany and Niklas Von Assen, RWTH Aachen on the ‘CO2 Utilisation Puzzle’ discussing the need for lifecycle analysis to be undertaken on CCU processes. The delegates then split into clusters looking at different areas of CCU research and discussed the major challenges in each area. The event then concluded with the keynote speakers sharing their visions for what could be possible in CCU in 2050.

If you are a member of the network you can access the presentations given at the conference here