The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


CO2 utilization at the Clearwater Clean Coal Conference

June 2, 2013 – June 6, 2013 all-day
Erin Kimball

CO2 utilization at the Clearwater Clean Coal Conference, June 2 – 6 2013, in Florida,

Invitation to give a presentation

While the conference is mainly focused on CO2 capture technologies, alternatives for carbon management and the need for policies are gaining increased attention and importance at the conference.  For the 38th edition of this international conference, a session on CO2 utilization is being organized for the first time and, for this, we would like to have a good overview of the several technology lines that can be considered, such as, but not limited to, conversion of CO2 to polymers and high value-added chemicals, electrochemical reduction, photocatalytic activation, mineral carbonation, and conversion with algae.

This conference has always had a great atmosphere with very open communication between industry and academia.  We hope that this new session will contribute to the productive dialog and that you will be able to join us in Florida!  If you are interested in giving a presentation, please send me the title of your presentation by next week Wednesday, 27 February, and send an abstract within two weeks to