The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


European Conference on Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage, CCS2013

May 28, 2013 – May 29, 2013 all-day
Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel,
Koningin Astridplein 7
2018 Antwerpen
Mrs. Greet Meynen, VITO, Belgium

The conference is co-organised by five active 7FP EU research projects: CAPSOL, DemoCLoCk, iCap, Innocuous and IOLICAP, funded by the European Commission through FP7, and hosted by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). With the support of CO2NET® and the participation of two more FP7-CCS projects, OCTAVIUS and CO2QUEST, and RFCS-projects ECLAIR and ACCLAIM, the conference will bring forward a good breath of topics that are critical for the development of sustainable Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage technologies. The event brings together representatives of academia, research institutions and industrial stakeholders, thus forming a unique knowledge sharing experience for all participants.

Topics that will be covered are: New Solvents for post combustion CO2 capture, Chemical Looping Combustion for gaseous, liquid and solid fuel, Improved post-combustion and Oxy-combustion processes, New materials and Membranes for post and pre-combustion CO2 capture, Corrosion protection and monitoring, Modeling of CO2-interaction with solvents and materials, Integration and Techno-economic studies, Safety, Environmental impact assessment, Waste management, Public acceptance, European markets.

The details for registration, venue, session topics and preliminary program are provided through the conference website: