The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


Rethinking CO2: how can we put it to use?

June 7, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
The Ideas Space, Policy Exchange
10 Storey's Gate
Westminster, London SW1P 3AY

Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming and associated climate change. Technologies to capture CO2 emissions from power stations and industry are therefore seen as essential to achieving UK and global decarbonisation objectives.

  • The Rt Hon Lord Deben PC, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change
  • Professor Peter Styring, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Colin Hills, University of Greenwich and Founder Director of Carbon8 Systems
  • Luke Warren, Chief Executive of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association
  • Richard Howard, Head of Environment and Energy, Policy Exchange

To date the focus of carbon capture research and development has been on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), whereby CO2 gas is permanently stored in geological formations. However, due to concerns over the cost of the technology, the Government took a decision to cancel its £1 billion CCS commercialisation competition last Autumn, putting the future of CCS in the UK in doubt.

Alongside this, many companies and innovators are also looking at ways to capture and re-use CO2. For example, CO2 can be used directly in industrial applications, or repurposed using a range of novel processes to create useful products such as green fuels, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and building materials. At the event, Professor Hills will describe his pioneering process which uses CO2 gas to treat industrial residues (e.g. ash) and produce “carbon negative” building materials.

There are many other avenues to reuse CO2, which if successful have the potential to provide useful products whilst at the same time achieving significant carbon and wider environmental benefits. In effect, these technologies recast CO2 as a resource rather than a waste – the ultimate in recycling.

This event will consider the potential for “Carbon Capture and Use” technologies as a complement or alternative to Carbon Capture and Storage. It will consider the current state of technology development and the role of Government policy.

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This is event is organised by The Policy Exchange with support from CO2Chem