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CO2Chem Network Events – September 2019

Event by event information is laid out below.

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A series of CO2Chem Network Events are taking place from 2nd to 6th September 2019:

  • Summer School (Mon-Wed)
  • Workshop (Thu)
  • Network Reception and Annual Dinner (Thu Eve)
  • Status Conference (Fri)

All events will take place at Sheffield University. You may attend any combination.

Early Bird registration runs March to May. Standard registration runs June to August.

Grant support, as an EPSRC Grand Challenge Network, enables us to set fees well below cost.

Please see event summaries, pricing options and general information below. Programme details will be added as they become available.

The CO2Chem Summer School – Exploring CDU (2-4 September)

Carbon dioxide has been an important chemical feedstock for decades. There is growing interest in expanding this utilisation, including for chemicals, polymers, building materials and fuels.  Development and deployment of these modern applications is accelerating around the world.

Unlocking the new potential of carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) is a multi-disciplinary challenge and requires connectivity between discovery, scale-up and deployment. Future energy pathways dictate deployment strategies, while regulatory and fiscal regimes influence process viability. The CDU agenda links closely to those of climate change, energy security, circular economy, industrial renaissance, resource management and sustainable consumption.

The CO2Chem Summer School explores the Carbon Dioxide Utilisation agenda, including socio-economic and environmental underpinnings, central research challenges and latest drivers, progress and opportunities. The course suits post-graduates and early career researchers from across the engineering, physical and biological sciences – helping you to contextualise your current research, develop high impact lines of new enquiry, and engage and influence, or indeed forge careers, beyond academia.

The CO2Chem Workshop – Vision to Reality (5 September)

This workshop will explore the transformative potential of CDU technologies in the short, medium and long term. Based upon latest research, we will explore a long-term vision, in which CO2 provides the primary feedstock for industrial carbon: what could this look like and under what circumstances does it become viable/desirable. We will then draw focus to the medium term, 20-30 years from now: informed by best practice in LCA/TEA, we will consider realistic CDU pathways, how society benefits and the robustness of claims and assumptions. Finally, we will look to the near term: what is driving current business interest in CDU, how is this communicated, what expectations are created and can CDU meet them.

The CO2Chem workshop is a new edition to our events calendar. This standalone event, tailored for CDU professionals from across academia, industry and government, provides insight, training and discussion on key themes relating to Carbon Dioxide Utilisation. The workshop is a great opportunity for Continuing Professional Development. The programme assumes a general knowledge and active interest in the field. For those with less experience, the preceding summer school would provide an excellent foundation and we encourage you to attend the two together.

Reception and Annual Dinner (5 September – evening)
The CO2Chem Reception and Annual Dinner is an opportunity to meet and network with other CO2Chem members. The early evening reception will include addresses from senior representatives of industry, academia and government.

CO2Chem 2019 (6 September)
CO2Chem 2019 is the third Annual Status Conference of the CO2Chem Network. This inter-disciplinary series offers a showcase of research from CO2Chem members based in the UK and beyond. Papers are by invitation and open call. The conference is an opportunity to explore the full scope of CDU research. Contributions are invited for the following themes, submissions must clearly demonstrate relevance and value towards the effective real world deployment of CDU technologies and applications.

  • Frontier Development: fundamental and upstream CDU research
  • Products and Process: scale-up, process optimisation and routes to manufacture
  • Industrial Applications: feasibility work, pilot projects and full scale operations
  • Technical Assessment: life-cycle/techno-economic assessment, option appraisal, scenario analysis and the development of technology road-maps
  • Policy: insight and recommendations for government, business or UK research

Abstract Submission:
We warmly invite proposals for oral presentation or poster display at CO2Chem 2019.
Standard talks are 20 mins. Longer/shorter slots may also be available.
Please submit abstracts by email to
=> Submission deadline is midnight on the 7th July
=> We will communicate decisions by the end of July.

Abstract Advice

  • Indicate clearly whether for oral or poster presentation
  • Submit as a document file (i.e. docx or equivalent)
  • Include: Title, Author(s)/Location(s) and Keywords
  • Abstract text to be less than 350 words
  • Figure/image optional

Audience Advice

The CO2Chem network draws on diverse interests. So, in preparing talks and posters please be aware that those attending may not be specialists in your particular field. Consequently, highly detailed technical accounts are best avoided. The audience will be particularly interested to hear about the nature of the challenges you are working on, their relevance and importance in relation to the CDU agenda, the work and progress you have achieved and the implications for future work. You may also assume that those present will have a good understanding of the scope and case for CDU in general, so there is no need to cover general background information in any detail.

Registration for All Events
Registration is via the Sheffield University Online Shop. Once at the shop, choose option 1 for the Summer School bundle (i.e. Summer School plus Workshop and Reception/Dinner combined) or Option 2 to pick and mix events as you wish.


Prices – Summer School Bundle

  • Combines Summer School, Workshop and Reception/Dinner
    (Early Bird – £175 / Standard – £230)*
  • You can also add the Status Conference to your bundle for free.


Prices – Events Week Pick & Mix

  • Summer School (Early Bird – £150/ Standard – £200)*
  • Workshop (£75)
  • Reception/Dinner (£25)
  • Conference (free to attend)

*Early Bird registration runs March to May. Standard registration runs June-August.


All events take place at Sheffield University. We will be based at the Diamond.
(The Diamond, 32 Leavygreave road, Sheffield, S3 7RD)
Please see campus maps by clicking on the following links:


Accommodation advice and signposting will be added here shortly.


Sponsorship, Media Partnership & Exhibition Space
We would welcome interest from potential sponsors or media partners. Exhibition space will be available during the workshop and status conference events. Please contact Rob Pilling ( with interest and for terms/availability.