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The 17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU XVII) will be held in Aachen, Germany from the 23rd to 27th June 2019.

The International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization was first held in 1991 and has run annually since 2015. The conference highlights research on Carbon Dioxide Utilization at all levels of maturity, from all fields and spanning fundamental to applied work.

Conference Themes: CO2-capture & separation, CO2-reforming, CO2 to carbonates, CO2 as Working Agent, CO2 to chemicals, CO2 conversion to polymers, CO2 activation, Biotechnological CO2 conversion,  Electro- and photo-catalysis , Applications of plasma technologies for CO2 conversion, Power to X, LCA/TEA, Public acceptance, Policy aspects.

Further details from the Event Website

CO2Chem Travel Bursaries

Travel Bursaries
As for previous years, CO2Chem is offering UK funded travel bursaries to support attendance at ICCDU. This is likely to be the last year these awards are available – so take advantage while you can. This year we are offering up to £750 per person.

In order to be eligible, applicants must:
– work at a UK based research institution
– have submitted an abstract for oral presentation (submissions now closed)
– have it approved
– have access to sufficient funds to cover total cost of the trip, including registration, travel and subsistence (i.e. the CO2Chem travel bursary provides up to £750 maximum).

=> Step 1: To initiate your application
– Send us a copy of your submitted abstract by email to
– And complete this online form (now closed)
– The deadline for these was 5.00 pm 14th February.

=> Step 2: To complete the application (imminent!)
– You need to let us know when ICCDU accept your abstract.
– Send a copy of their acceptance letter to
Do this as soon as you receive your acceptance from ICCDU. If you delay, you could lose out 


CO2Chem will review the applications and make awards based on a combination of quality of abstract, interest/relevance of the field, geographic balance, and balance of career stage.

We will prioritise applicants who have not received a CO2Chem travel bursary before.

We will announce the awards as soon as possible in order to enable recipients to take advantage of Early Bird registration (which runs until 31st March).


Bursary Recipients 2018

Rosa Arrigo,  Diamond Light Source
In situ and operando X-ray spectroscopy studies of the carbon dioxide electro-reduction
Robert Dawson, University of Sheffield
Swing Adsorption Processes for Carbon Capture using Microporous Organic Polymers
Adam Greer, University of Manchester
Effect of Flue Gas Impurities on the CO2 Uptake of Superbase Ionic Liquids
Adriano Randi, Lougborough University
Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Device for CO2 Conversion and Utilization
Basudeb Saha,  London South Bank University
Facile and greener synthesis of butylene carbonate via CO2 utilisation using a novel copper–zirconia oxide/graphene catalyst
Jeannie Tan, Heriot-Watt University* 
Effect of CO2 Adsorption to the CO2 Photoreduction Efficiency
Raspberry-like Cr2O3-TiO2 Core-Shell Microspheres for CO2 Photoreduction
Novel W18O49–TiO2 Materials for Solar Fuel Production from CO2 Photoreduction
Warren Thompson, Heriot-Watt University* 
Screening and optimisation of process parameters for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2

*Split award