The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


CO2Chem research clusters

The Network is gathering into eight research sub-themes or clusters around the areas we as a network perceive as the most important. The eight clusters are:

  • Systems approaches to CCU integration
  • Carbon Capture for utilisation
  • Electrocatalysis in CCU
  • Structural and Functional Polymers production from CO2
  • Solvents and Synthons production from CO2
  • Fuels (including methanol, ethane, methane & high density liquid fuels) production from CO2
  • Bio Transformations (including artificial photosynthesis)
  • Mineralisation processes providing long-term carbon storage solutions

Each of these clusters is led by small group of champions from academia and industry who with help from the CO2Chem management group, will ensure that progress is being made towards the research challenge targets for each cluster.  The cluster research challenges have been highlighted by the network during the various meetings in the first phase of the network as the key challenges in each area. As these challenges represent a snap-shot in time and we intend to be receptive to new ways of thinking and new technological innovation.  These clusters will be gathering once a year to focus on the specific challenges relevant to that area of CCU. More details will be released soon about how you can get more involved in the clusters.