The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


Invitation to Tender – analysis of the electricity market in Europe

The University of Sheffield wishes to invite tenders for the analysis of the electricity market in  European members’ states in 2010 and projected to 2030, specifically including the 4 geographical regions represented in SCOT (Belgium, France, Netherlands and UK).

SCOT is the first ever European initiative in the field of CO2 recycling. The consortium gathers four regions (Belgium France, Netherlands and UK) which are strongly committed and already well advanced in this emerging area of CO2 recycling. Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT) is a project supported by the Seventh Framework programme of the European Community (FP7) to develop Strategic European Research Agenda aimed at improving the technical and economic performance of emerging CO2 transformation technologies.

For more details of the tender please see SCOT Invitation to Tender

Any query in connection with the Invitation to Tender package, prior to the “Tender Due Date” should be submitted to Katherine Powell, Project Support Officer at (Tel: +44 (0)114 222 8368).

Please note the short submission deadline for this tender of 14th February 2014