The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network

Research Clusters

The Network is gathered into eight research sub-themes or clusters around the areas we as a network perceive as the most important.Each of these clusters is led by small group of champions from academia and industry who with help from the management group, will ensure that progress is being made towards the research challenge targets for each cluster.  The cluster research challenges have been highlighted by the network during the various meetings in the first phase of the network as the key challenges in each area. As these challenges represent a snap-shot in time and we intend to be receptive to new ways of thinking and new technological innovation.  The Network intends to be both pragmatic in its approach to targets, but also adaptable in seeking new research horizons as we work towards the commercialisation of CCU processes.

The eight clusters are:Clusters diagram Sept2013

  • Carbon Capture for utilisation
  • Industrial Application
  • Electrochemical approaches
  • Fuels (including methanol, ethane, methane and high density liquid fuels) production from CO2
  • Chemical Transformations
  • Bio Transformations
  • Mineralisation processes providing long-term carbon storage solutions
  • Public Perception of CO2 utilisation

There are also overriding key targets for research that we will make priority outcomes (see diagram below). These targets are key achievements for the network and are priorities which cover more than one of the research clusters. The key targets will be addressed not only in the individual cluster meetings but in the whole network meetings ensuring that we remain on focus.

The network as a community has identified a number of Key Priorities in CCU research and sub-themes and priorities have emerged, and continue to emerge from these.