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Renewable oil: Ancient bacteria could fuel modern life

Microbes with tweaked DNA can convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into oil, but will it ever power our cars?

Creating Jet Fuel from the CO2 in the air

One of the CO2Chem network members, Air Fuel Synthesis has just sent us this news:

Air Fuel Developments Limited (trading as Air Fuel Synthesis) is working with the Centre for Process Innovation in Teesside to demonstrate the production of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from CO2. The carbon dioxide will be drawn from the air using a novel air capture system. It will be reacted with hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water to produce liquid hydrocarbon products in a single reactor step using a novel catalyst.

ASF have secured  funding for small scale pilot plant to be built this year, to be able to make 5 litres per day of liquid fuel. The fuel will be a mixture of alcohols which we shall convert into Jet A1.

Oil extraction made greener, cheaper & more efficient

CO2Chem member Julian Eastoe at Bristol University has found a way to make oil extraction made greener, cheaper & more efficient.

The team led by the University of Bristol, has used the ISIS neutron source at the UK’s Science & Technology Facilities Council’s facility to develop the CO2-soluble additives.

These can also be used to reduce the environmental damage caused by everyday industrial processes such as the manufacture of electronics and food processing.

Read the full article at:

CO2Chem Network Event 13.01.11

CO2 to Bulk Chemicals

Thursday 13th January 2011

Chill Factore, Manchester

A day to discuss the latest developments in utilising CO2 to create bulk chemicals.

The day is divided into plenary sessions and discussion workshops, with a plenary lecture by Prof. Dr Walter Leitner,Institute of Technical and Macromolekular Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Each participant is invited to give a 2 minute flash presentation on their current work in this area and display a poster.

The aim of the day is to stimulate ideas and develop collaborative grant proposals.

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