The Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Network


CO2Chem 3.0

Our third phase of funding from EPSRC as a Grand Challenge Network runs from mid September 2017 through to January 2020.

The funding supports operation and development of the network, as a global resource supporting the work of CDU practitioners from across academia, industry and government.

It also targets specific initiatives, which support UK based researchers.

The Academic Year 2019/20

CO2Chem Winter School – Exploring CO2 Utilisation & 3rd Annual Status Conference

The CO2Chem Network Events will be held in the 1889 Suite at Sheffield United FC, Bramall Lane, Sheffield on 20-23 January 2020.

The 3-day Winter School – Exploring CO2 Utilisation and 3rd Annual Status Conference brings together leading experts to present the latest updates and research development in CO2 utilisation.

By attending you will:

  • develop your knowledge of the Carbon Dioxide Utilisation agenda, including socio-economic and environmental underpinnings, central research challenges and latest progress and opportunities.
  • begin to apply this knowledge in pursuing your current research and in thinking about possible future work and broader career development.
CO2Chem Winter School – Exploring CO2 Utilisation (20th-22nd Jan 2020)

Day 1

The scope, purpose and challenges of CO2 utilisation, underpinning socio-economic and technical relationships.  

Day 2

CO2 utilisation applications and synthetic approaches, research challenges for core chemistries / approaches and principles of Green Chemistry.

Day 3

Introducing basic engineering principles to which CO2 utilisation presents specific challenges, exploring what makes a CO2 utilisation process viable and CO2 utilisation deployment, case studies and policy initiatives. 

Full programme can be viewed here.

3-day Winter School – student £150

3-day Winter School – non-student £200

Annual dinner on 22nd Jan – £25

To book please click here.

Key presenters during the Winter School will be:

Professor Peter Styring (Professor of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, University of Sheffield)

Professor Mike North (Green Organic Chemistry, University of York)

Katy Armstrong (UK Centre for CO2 Utilisation, University of Sheffield)

Dr Ben Buckley (Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Loughborough University)

Professor Peter Hammond (Chief Technology Officer, CCm Technologies)

Professor Colin Hills (Professor of Environment & Materials Engineering, University of Greenwich)

CO2Chem 3rd Annual Status Conference (23rd Jan 2020)

CO2Chem 2020 is the third Annual Status Conference of the CO2Chem Network.  This interdisciplinary series offers a showcase of research from CO2Chem members based in the UK and beyond.  The conference is an opportunity to explore the full scope of CO2 utilisation research whilst networking with leading experts in CO2 utilisation.

09:30-10:00 Registration and refreshments

10:00-10:30 Introductions – CO2 Utilisation in context

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:45 Previous Seedcorn recipients presentations

12:45-14:15 Lunch and networking opportunities.  Posters.

14:15-14:30 CO2Chem Video Prize Awards

14:30-14:55 Reflection of CO2Chem – the future

14:55-15:20 The view from industry

15:20-15:35 Break

15:35-16:00 Updates

16:00-16:30 Closing plenary

Conference end.

The conference is free to attend.

To book please click here.

Academic Year 2018/19

ICCDU XVII Travel Bursaries


  • Initial applications (14 February – now closed)
  • Confirmation of abstract acceptance by ICCDU (March – imminent)
  • Communication of awards (March – pend confirmations)
  • ICCDU (23-27 June, Aachen, Germany)


Academic Year 2017/18

  • CO2Chem Seedcorn Grants 2018
  • ICCDU Travel Bursaries 2018
  • CO2Chem Summer School 2018
  • CO2Chem Status Conference 2018